Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My Mon Bats Don't Shiv

Don and Rob are a goofy pair of Mutants who provide comic relief and give a human face to the gang. After the stalemate at the dump, they go back and forth over who to follow - Batman, or the Mutant Leader. "Don't shiv" is Mutant-speak for "doesn't back down," or "isn't messing around."
While the general public debates Batman's criminality, the Mutants are impressed by his mystery and power. At the rematch, they crowd around like fans at a sporting event. "Balls" is the name of one of the senior Mutants.


  1. No offense, but you kinda missed the mark on this. 'Shiv' means 'shiver', as in shaking from fear. When 'Leader don't shiv'. It means he's not scared of the bat.

    Also, 'Balls nasty' is not referring to a person. 'Balls' is an adjective, that Rob is trying to work into modern parlance. That's why Don doesn't want him to say it, because Don thinks it's a dumb phrase, whereas Rob thinks it's not just nasty, but balls nasty.

  2. Figure I didn't miss the mark on this one, Knurd. check the latest post for the update on Balls Nasty.

  3. Shiv is also a term for a stabbing weapon in jail. There's the ---- don't shiv and then also the assertion that someone is a "slicer dicer." To slice and dice requires an actual knife. It suggests not a sneak attack with a shiv, but an actual fight with a knife.